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Tony Black

Tony has been the proud owner of Brown Brothers Catering since 2009. He has established Brown Brothers as a leader in the catering industry. Tony brings his same passion for life to the kitchen where he demands only the highest quality ingredients and standards to be served to Brown Brothers clients.

Before owning Brown Brothers, Tony was Chief Operating Officer for one of the country’s largest law firms, and responsible for maintaining relations with some of the firm’s biggest clients including Wal-Mart, Target, Lowes, Home Depot, and The Gap. Tony decided to leave the corporate world to focus on his passion for great food and he understands what it takes to carry out a flawless event. He has worked with local, national, and international clients that depend on his knowledge and food quality to make their events successful.

Tony has been happily married to his soul mate for the past fifteen years. He enjoys spending time with his two wonderful children, Pierce and Ainsley. Tony looks at each wedding he does the same way he would for his “Little Princess” and believes that every person deserves that same level of commitment to excellence that he would give his own daughter on her wedding day.


Drew Troutner

Although Drew started at Brown Brothers in 2008, he’s been catering since he was about 10-years-old. Drew spent countless hours helping his grandmother entertain and serve unbelievable meals to numerous prominent guests. Catering is in his blood. Since working at Brown Brothers Drew has worked as a server, handled client relations, finalizings, sales, marketing, web development, social media, and even occasionally cooking.

When Drew isn’t working with clients, tweeting, or adjusting the website, he finds time to golf, and most importantly spends time with his wife.